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id really like to see a new level or two this game so far is great. Keep up the great work developers!

There is an beta update coming probably after GDC, there are some (bug)fixes and I think/hope there are coming new levels too...


I hope multiplayer comes for this game. Great potential

He is working on local co-op. Multiplayer via steam is impossible because of latency.


Btw developer, if you ever want to make the game in other languages, i'll be pleased to help you translate the subtitles to dutch.


Can you guys PLEASE make a level with A Lot of glass cuz i really enjoy breaking the glass.....p-pp-p please.

when was the latest updat


If you grab a movable object for example the blue thing that goes up and down in the wreckingball level, and you grab it with your left hand, and then grab the lever with your right hand and pull it up, so the blue thing goes up, and after you are all the way up, you release your right hand,then you will slow(e)ly (not sure XD) go up into the sky towards the original spot where your left hand first grabbed the blue thing.

Im not sure if you want this, but you can climb up walls by looking down, even if you have an item like a glass pane in your hand...

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Wait what? I though i had the full game not demo!

There is no demo... If you paid the 10$ you get the full game.

It says i have version 1.1 for some reason

Where did you buy it? XD No way im downloading from Torrents, because im in Germany and its not allowed to download from torrents

btw even though i got 1.1 its still fucking awesome :P

What version does the "exe" file say? It should be "Human_0.3.0_x64.exe" or if you have 32-bit Windows "Human_0.3.0_x32.exe". Else you should redownload the game.

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Awesome game, I just bought it, and played very well in my slow PC.

But the windmill level is a bit too slow :(. Would it be possible to add a draw distance option?

Thanks a lot.

EDIT: Well setting the game to "realtime" in windows task manager, nearly solved that issue :), But it is still too slow at some points

Damn this game is awesome

It would be more awesome if you add

Multiplayer , Create map , Mod in the future

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He already said he is working on local co-op. Via steam multiplayer is impossible, because of latency.

i bought this game when i didnt have a account will i still get my steam key

nvm i found it

it's on steam?

not yet, just got greenlight a short while ago.

BUG Spawn Wreckingball MAP

In the wreckingball map there is a part, where a train is supposed to hit a wall, and you can go through that wall... I blocked the train (as the man I am), because of which it couldn't move anymore and didn't broke the wall... After I died I respawned after the wall, and the only way out was by swinging myself from hand to hand on 1 wall... I think this is a bug, but it was a fun experience though.

Thanks. In the update you will be able breaking the wall with the pipe more easily.

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But I made it stuck with the pipe XD. Maybe you could add you can break it with pieces of the other wall or rocks... Like after 3 hits or someting.

The rock is reshaped so that pipe is "less jammed" - it's easier to pull it out. Also walls will be breakable with rubble, pipe, box, etc. BTW, wall breaks once certain amount of destruction energy is applied - it could be series of weak hits, couple of stronger hits or a single well timed swing. And thanks for posting replies to questions by other people, really appreciate your help.

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Your welcome. I love your game, and don't want you to waste your time on all the stupid or useless questions, if they just can read a earlier post, with the answer in it... It's the least I can do for you beside buying the game :P Thanks for your answers and quick response BTW If you ever need someone to reply to the tickets on steam and questions, you can always ask and count on me.

Hey there, could you get in touch: human at nobrakesgames dot com?

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BUG when "Propflying"

If you grab glass, go stand on top of it, and then look up to pull it, your leg will do funky. I think I did it like this if I remembered correctly. But I'm not sure XD I did this in the last map at this moment. The 1 with the wreckingball. Reload map, and reload checkpoint both dont work... Restarting the game does work.

Here is an image:

Hey! I just bought the game and I love it, but when you walk through the first door there is a typo... Instead of "they", the subtitles say: "thy".


Thank you, it's already fixed and will come with the next beta after GDC. Most probably I was in similar state as the character when I wrote it :)

Haha. Btw another question. I've it passes steam greenlight, will you still upload the newest version here too? Or is there a auto-updater in the file? Cause else I have to pay 10$ twice...

you will get a steam key

Okey thank you very much!


This game has buckets of potential, the puzzles are clever and the world is both captivating and full of things to do.

There's nothing in the door under the train?

its a maze you need the lantern off the train

When is there coming a new update?

Most probably after GDC, need to ensure stability as there was heavy refactoring - moving from prototype to production quality code, audio engine redesign, implemented ambience, reverb, integrated music, several puzzles had adjustments based on play-testing, etc.


Can you tell use how you made the character move without animations?


is it inverse kinematic + physics maybe? :o :o :o

Mostly physics. I will not spoil the fun of creating such character yourself. I'll just give the references that gave the most influence: look up for a talk on procedural animation in Overgrowth, PID controllers is another topic worth researching. Initial builds were PID+IK based, but I was not completely happy. It's iterative development - analyzing what I don't like at each iteration I came up with my own force response algorithm (non PID based) trying to resemble muscles.

Hey thanks! Sorry for getting back late but that really helped and I made my own cute little guy that works the exact same as yours! Thanks!


how did you blend ragdoll and animation together, so the character can still walk around but is kind of ragdolling


They said their is no animation to it at all

dear nobrakesgames, i am adler, brasilian, 13 years old and i played the version 0.1.1 (sorry but i not pay to play becuz i have no money), and i enjoy so much this game!


i cannot buy somethings in dollars

and i ask for u guys, this game

i will play for hours, search for bugs and problems and give some ideas like... ummm.. now i am out of ideas but in the future i will help!

by Adler :3

Please don't beg. Everyone here has legit bought it and is bug reporting. You should do the same and support the developer. He seems like a nice man and he the game is totally worth it. It goes to a great charity (the man).


Rly m8

Mac & Linux beta starting soon. Read more and apply here:

Deleted 1 year ago

It's Unity. Planning to start a tiny beta program for Mac & Linux soon, just to evaluate how much work is needed to actually support the platforms. As there are no platform specific hacks in the game, it should run.

If it so easy, why did not I do it earlier? Even on Windows, some Unity updates break everything and game needs fixing and lots of testing. Multiplying platform count by x3, means slower development.

Deleted 1 year ago

Nice I would love to play this game on linux !

will there be some sort of soundtrack in-game besides the cassette tapes?


Yes, there will be a music.


Is there going to be Co-op Perhaps?

Can't promise it yet, but eventually I'd like to add it.

Could there be a feature to play with Steam Friends who also Own the game?

Network play is unfortunately not possible because of latency. You can't resolve conflicts when interacting with the world is the primary game mechanics. Meanwhile, I've made some progress on split screen coop. It will be demoed at GDC.

Is hand-over-hand climbing intentional or will it be patched out?

It's by no means intentional, but I see no reason to patch it out. The game is open. If you're relying on that too much - you're spoiling your own play, so better don't. But if you're desperately stuck there's always a way out. What do you think, should I patch it out?

You mean its actually possible to climb up flat, solid walls, a la Gang Beast style? I've tried but without success.

The game feels like it is designed without this in mind. Ledge climbing as it is already breaks almost every puzzle, as you can skip them if you know which ledges to use. But that's the thing; I had to figure out which ledges to use. I had to find the best route to go when I wanted to overcome an obstacle. Essentially, I solved another puzzle while skipping a puzzle. And that's great!

I don't want to be the man who makes the final decision, but I think the game would benefit greatly without "hand over hand climbing". Just my two cents.

This was a missed opportunity for a secret, you know! You could put a fun little bonus room in here.

Take a look!

Thanks, indeed something nice could go there. There are several more places where stuff will eventually will be added.

Were you inspired by Gang Beasts when developing the character and the accompanying physics? I just notice a handful of similarities between the two.

There were so many prototypes for the animation & controls system. It was a mix of techniques from a talk about Overgrowth and research into IK & PID controllers but applied to fully physics based ragdoll. Ended up using custom controllers which has some PID similarities but simulates muscles instead of a motor. 90% of the feel of Human is actually the result of Unity physics & joints - there were at least 3 prototypes that felt pretty much the same although they were using completely different approaches. Took the one that suited particular game mechanics best - it takes a lot of tuning to get all the verbs I want in the game - push, pull, climb, carry, place & align objects, use tools, etc. Gang Beasts is a brilliant game and great example of physics based animation. I definitely took a closer look at it, especially when people started pointing out that we have similarities.

where did u do this pure forces:) its AMAZING!

Do the glowy cubes do anything?!

They are little markers, you can use them to make you navigation in the maze easier. Do not eat!

Hey, Amazing game!!! could you tell me, what physic animation did you use in unity?

Thank you. It is all custom. Character rigged with Blender but that's it. Did like 5 prototypes from scratch. Spoiler: it's no animation - just pure forces.

Hey, I'm noticing an issue with my version. It's a slightly older version, 0.1.1. Everything seems to work, but I'm having an issue where the instructional video that spawns, doesn't spawn. And the voice-overs don't play when I do actions like pressing the tutorial buttons, although the sound and subtitles are there. Any ideas? I've worked in Unity myself, so I at least know how to navigate the game's files. Anything would be helpful, even if your advice is to just grab the newest version.

Tutorial videos and voice overs came in 0.2.0, you should definitely upgrade.

Fun game!

will you release it on steam? i would love to play it. one of the best games ive ever seen. not even lying =)

Thank you for warm words! Yes, greenlight coming really soon.

Will purchases made on be transferrable to Steam account via a key?

Yes. This is the plan.

The game looks great.. Any chance of a Linux build in the future?

Thank you! We'll be researching Linux and doing roadmap after PC launch, I'd love to do Linux version, but can't promise it yet.

Thanks for the consideration! I'm definitely keeping an eye on this in hopes to get it as soon as a linux version is released.

Anyway, good luck with it!

thanks I played the game and I was interested in this game I played it and recorded to my channel here is a link awsome job on this game there some bugs in the game but all in all its awsome

Good game, maked on unity?

Thank you! Yes, it's unity. Shaders and physics make it quite visible.

look's like Gang Beasts


Game updated to v0.1.1 2015-11-05

  • Movement changes: improved precision and increased maximum speed
  • Fixes in first level tutorials, tutorials added to other levels as needed
  • Hidden mouse cursors when using controller
  • RealSense now can be used to control hands
  • Small performance improvements

Nothing groundbreaking if you were not stuck, but you might give it a try if you feel human is tad too slow.


wuhu cant wait to play! =D


have fun playing!

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