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Alright last one I promise. I thought long and hard about what I said with the ideas of giving Bob accessories and since I can't do that yet I DID doodle them on to him. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Human Fall Flat: Batman Edition. Now I truly feel free in this amazing game.

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you're really still butthurt after 21 days? I hate to be the one to tell you that 1. you may need a life and 2. spamming EVERY comment this thread won't get anyone, including the developers of the game, to like you, but I guess I will have to be that person. Honestly you've been more of a nuisance than anyone else if I really must be totally honest ;)

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you mean how YOU feel lol. Nobody rlse has ever acted like as big as a baby as you are about this and in all honesty thats kind of what indie developers do lol. I've about 90% of the developers of games I lets play and SELF PROMOTE contact me personally too. Dont feel so special buddy its all part of business and marketing and you took the bait pretty hard. You also do realize that "self promoting" helps indie games as well right? You think people are just going to jump up and flat out buy a $10 indie game? No. They want footage. They want game play. They want some kind of proof that this game doesn't outright suck since indie games tend to be a huge gamble nowadays. By "self promoting" I both allow myslef to maybe generate views, AND give hopeful buyers something to watch meaning the game in question has a better chance of being purchased. Not that you'd know anything about the business side of both promotion and game development though it seems. Anyways have fun with commenting on every single comment on here I'm sure you'll pop up in another 21 days lol.

It would be useful if you actually had views. If they want gameplay they are going to watch big channels like, JackSepticEye, Markiplier or LordMinion777 but not a YT'er that is on the last page. This is the last thing I'm saying, you know my opinion, and most ppl their opinion now, and I'm done with this arguement. Good bye sir.

When the game comes to steam, Is it going to be any different from this version?
Also is this going to be a community run game? To where the community ideas such as things in Workshop (steam) can be used in game.

If so, This game wont get old and people wont get bored of a game that includes this.

At Steam launch the core of the game will remain as is, but there will be some more content and features. While I do have roadmap, confirmed features will come as separate announcements when I'm 100% sure they will make to the actual release.

Steam Workshop is not in the plans for the launch, but I'd love to add it in the long run.

Sounds brilliant, You can could go far with this game.
Is it just you developing the game or have you got a team?
I would love to do some 3D moddueling for the game.

I believe it's just him alone, but you know what's the problem if you do the 3D modeling for him? He has to describe what he wants exactly, then it's most likely it's not perfect, so you will have to recreate the model, or you may even totally abandon the project which means that he has to do it himself anyway. Also there is a lot more that can go wrong when you work with multiple people and thats why most developers like to work on their on. Even though I don't know this developer personally I think he want's to do it all by himself (or the team that he is in right now)

That's the beauty of independent studios, it's just like, FREEDOM! I would guess he uses Blender for the models, but who knows. :b


He knows XD

Is there custom maps for this game (if not: Will there ever be custom maps)

Not in the plans for foreseeable future, but never say never.


when was the last update?

30 March

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You can still buy it, You just have to transfer the UK currency (that' pounds), to USD. So you have to pay 7.02740689 British pounds. You can check it on Google, just type 10 USD to British Pound.

how do I do that I reeeaaaallllly want the game

Just buy the game and type in 10 USD and then paypal will automatically transfer it to British Pounds

Can I buy the game in pounds (£) because ime not American and don't have dollars pls help

Doesn't PayPal handle currencies automatically? I used to buy things in GPB, EUR, USD and whatever else without any problems.

I didn't have any problems with buying the game, and I'm from The Netherlands where we have Euro's instead of USD and it worked for me just fine...

UPDATE: I loved this game so much I did another lets play on it. I would love to see the ability to add various accessories to Bob one day. I just really feel like I need to put a cape on him so that he can fall with style. But yeah I think accessories would be an awesome little addition to really make messing with bob fun!

my second video where I explore the construction area:

i tried to buy the game and it said invalid zip and then it took money out of my card so idk what to do

Try contacting support, maybe they will know what's the problem and what to do next.

i did an they havent responded do they have a number

They won't respond in 1 sec they are humans too.. Have some patience pls

i actilually sent them a email about it two days ago so

NVM then, I didn't say a thing.

Is this game coming to Steam?

Yes it has been greenlighted a week ago.

Awesome! Looking forward to it being published

What is needed to run this game smoothly with no lag?


  • Windows 7+
  • Processor 1.7GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space

But then you have around 1FPS. I have 100fps with everything at lowest and 1280 x 720 screen resolution.

My specs:
4GB Ram
2.5GHz Quad Core
Enough hard drive XD
2GB VRam

That would be around the minumum I guess, Then you can run it OK

If we buy from here will we get a steam key upon it's eventual release?

Yes, that is correct. You could've also scrolled down 2cm and read it in another comment, but yes you will get a steam key. The Steam Price is not yet confirmed, but will probably be around the price on this site.

i just bought it and i dont know how

how do you play it

You plug in your mouse and keyboard or your controller (If you are such a noob console peasant) and, press "W" "A" "S" "D" to walk, and left and right mouse buttons for your arms... Enjoy!

add multiplayer and more maps plz cause game is sick and i wunts toooooo playz itz moooooreeeee

The developer is working on local co-op. Multiplayer via Steam is impossible because of latency. He is also working on new maps if I remembered correctly.

best $10 I will probably spend all year. This game was so funny I really can't wait to not only beat it, but replay it as well and see what other trouble I can get in to!

how do i update :/

Download the new .exe file and just start it

where... :/

From the downloadpage. You got a link for the page when you bought the game, and everytime the game is being updated

ahh okay...thanks

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please make a Space level. That Will be so cool. With less gravity and stuff

BTW: fucking amazing game ;)

where can i find patchnotes? i wanna know whats new

In the email you got where he said there was an update, he also said what the purpose of the update is.


I played a little bit of this if you want to check it out:

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I created a customized character how can i share the file? Or at least is there a physical file that I can locate? It's really important to me.

You can send a picture XD


Oh my god thank you!!

is this game out for Mac OS X

Not yet, coming soon

NoBrakesGames! Is this game supports Windows XP SP3?!

Because start button is not apearing at gameplay only falling white guy forever i dont know if its a bug in Windows XP SP3, i can launch the game but when the game start no start or option menu apearing in the game i can see only white guy falling i thought its just an intro in the game but after i waited 42 minutes.... The game menu or start,option menu its not apearing please help!

    This was not tested on Windows XP. Could you try running the other shortcut "Human D3D9", it uses different rendering engine. Let me know if it worked.

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    NoBrakesGames I saw this message from the notepad[Output_Log] at the game folder

    1.( Fallback handler could not load library\etc... )

    2.(Fallback handler could not load library C:/Documents and Settings/Fullflatboy/My Documents/Downloads/humam fall flat sriraj-k/32 Bit/Human_Data/Mono/.\C:/Documents and Settings/Fullflatboy/My Documents/Downloads/humam fall flat sriraj-k/32 Bit/Human_Data/Plugins/libpxccpp2c.dll)

    So much dll could not found but i installed perfectly. Why? maybe at OS?

    "Human D3D9" Didn't work.Maybe this game is not supported at "Windows XP"

    I can't send those evidence here i mean the pictures so that i can show you the exactly what i mean.

    Do i need to install "Unity Installers" ? Example "Unity Web Player"? to play that game?

    PS:game is launching without any error but when the game start no "Game Menu" apeared (Start,Option..Etc not apearing only full of white physic boy falling at the sky)

    Please help thanks!

    No additional installers are needed. From your previous description it seems that UI failed to display. You could try todays update, it uses different version of Unity that had some changes related to UI components. Let me know whether it works. If not, most probably it's related to Windows XP.

    of course because the system requirements is windows 7 or up.

    just read it in the description

    of course because the system requirements is windows 7 or up.

    just read it in the description

    Holy moly!

    Is there a confirmed date when there will be a steam release?

    No, not yet.

    It has been steam greenlighted already tho

    Any plans to port this game to Mac OS X or Linux? I'm a Linux gamer and would deffinitely buy this game if you did.

    Yes, there will be MAC & Linux ports.


    May i ask why can't anybody fucking spell??!


    dunno pobably bicouse thei ar stopit

    Cyka Blyat

    i would buy the game if there are more level and will it be released on steam?

    The game will eventually make it's way to the Steam and we're working hard to add more levels by that time. Everyone who buys game here: 1) can play some of the levels immediately without waiting for a Steam release, 2) will get free Steam key to full game once we're on Steam, 3) supports the development of the game. Stay tuned for more announcements.

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    well if thats the case ill think about buying the game even without the steam release because i REALLY like the feel of your game, it doesnt feel linear like in most games, it feels like you do it how you want to and thats where your work really pays of i feel like and ragdoll physics are always fun

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    You should be happy cause I saw JackSepticEye and Markiplier played the games too on their channel so free advertisement! :P


    For fuck sakes dude why the fuck we gotta pay for it

    Becuse the creator put a lot of time and thoughts into this amazing game and it is totally worth it.

    I second that


    Are you that stupid?

    hey, don't be mean!

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    How much longer to the next update?

    Only a few days if not 1

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    I DID IT :D

    Whahaha how? The swing tactic? Or the "Grab something, let go of it, look up and grab it again" tactic?

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    Swing tactic c:

    How many days did it took you :p

    uuhhh...15 minutes :p

    please put co-op on this game

    He already said he is working on local Co-op, but multiplayer via Steam is impossible because of latency.


    as if it wasnt awesome enough its particularly awesome to ME, i LOVE ragdoll physics and these kind of things. like my dream game. ive replayed each level like 6 times XD

    okay so im logged on to my chrome account, but on a different pc. any way i could redownload it here? on the other pc it says ive bought this and i can redownload but i didnt have an account when i bought it, so is there any way to do it or should i get the account set up on that pc?

    You got a mail on the address you gave when you bought the game. In that mail it gives you a link to the downloadpage, from there you could redownload the game at anytime you want. Soon you will get a steamkey so its even easier!

    thanks so much, even though i fixed it already XD i wish i saw your message

    When I try to buy the game it tells me my postal code is incorrect

    try reaching support. they run the store


    Are you planning on adding user-created levels or some kind of level editor? p.s. love the game!

    I'd love to, but the levels are non-modular, meaning there are no reusable parts that could be used to make user generated content. This does not prevent creating it in the distant future once the core game is completed.


    if the game is released on steam will anyone who's already payed for the current version get it for free? as well, if you release updates for the current game how will we receive the updates? ty :)


    Yes, everyone who bought it here will get steam key. Updates will be released either here or on Steam, once I learn how to do BETA there :)

    When will 0.3.1 come out plz

    Should be the next week.

    It will probable be 0.4.0. cause if there are features added it gets a 2nd digit upgrade. If there are bugfixes it will get a 3rd digit update, and if the game is totally recode or if it becomes a beta game, it will get a first digit upgrade. So Feature = 0.3.0 -> 0.4.0, bugfixes = 0.3.0 -> 0.3.1., recode = 0.3.0 -> 1.0


    Also keep up the good work!!


    When The New Update Comeing Guys?

    Probably next week

    Haha, nice, love all the physics, and fitting name!

    Are there any plans to come out with a mac version?

    Yes, Mac version is almost ready. There only thing broken so far are the tutorial videos.

    That's awesome, since I don't have access to my Windows laptop anymore :3 will it be coming out in the next month or so?

    Should be. Next week will start beta for mac &Linux - a small subset of the game to see if it's functional on different configurations. Hopefully all goes well and these platforms will get full support as well.

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