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como se joga


bu oyun paralımı


hello super games


eu amei o jogo

  1. fafskshw
  1. fafskshw

1.como entro al juego??






I bought the game ages ago but I can't download now, and I don't see any 'request key' button


Its So much fun i have been playing it now for a little while and im just wondering whether there will be more levels and vehicles

ps my favourite level is water

I am having issues starting the game and getting this crash report:

Switching to resolution 1920x0 failed, trying lower one
Switching to resolution 1920x0 failed, trying lower one
All resolution switches have failed
Screen: DX11 could not switch resolution (1920x1080 fs=1 hz=0)

Any help on the subject since I can't get into the game at all. Tried verifying the game files 3 times and re-installed by deleting and not deleting the game. I am trying every tutorial I can find but nothing works. Help please!!!

I figured it out. "Run" then "regedit" then changing the screenmanager for fullscreen from 1 to 2.


it aint letting me download :(:(:(


awesome game

amazing game

i bought this game while ago, when i tried to claim my steam key i linked my steam account, sent out the verification email then followed the link in the email and it said that it was unavailable at the top of the screen, someone help please???

Hi, hello, I bought this game a while ago but I was also promised that I would get this on steam too if I bought it here. and... I have not... :(

Please could anyone help me about this issue, I really want to play this again and display it on my steam profile.

Hello grape here. Recently I saw an article about this game getting more maps, just wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to it and hope there will be some great maps to play.

Very well made game! I was quite impressed! I'm trying to make a game with physics and ropes myself and was wondering how you guys approached it. Yours are very stable and don't seem to jitter much. all meshes? Also keep up the good work!

can you please tell me around what time the next update will be released

it will come together with the console launch. it will be announced as soon as we're confident with the date.

please please please add sandbox mode or free mode and alot of cars even add zombie that gonna be cool to run out of zombie make sure that the update come to xbox first i cand wait for free mode


Why is the Steam Achievement with the 3 Batteries don't working? I tried it already 5 Times and 2 Times with 4 Batteries and it still doens't work

(1 edit)

Will you add the possibility to play coop mode online with friends on steam ?

yes, but he's working on the steamworkshop first

Thx Esli for helping out, but I already did the research on online and as I wrote on Steam it is unlikely that online coop will be made. There are technical reasons that prevent making a smooth experience and releasing something just to check "online play" for marketing purposes would not be fair to the players.

yeah you already said before that its impossible because lf latency, but on Steam I thought you once said that you looked at it again, since so many people requested it, and that it was possible.

I bought the game, and can download it. I got an email saying I could click a "request key" button on the download page, but there is no button. Help?

This would be to get the game on Steam.

blah blah blah

Could anyone who bought the game, please paste the screenshot of the "Get Steam Key" button location?

I sent an email to you guys, and got a reply from Tomas asking for a screenshot. I sent the screenshot a few days ago, but I haven't gotten a reply back.

Sorry, that mail slipped through, I recently get tons of mails. It must have been a bug in, I've checked the purchases and found invoice tied to your email - all is good. Make sure to check the mailbox that you used to buy the game.

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its just underneath normal downloas button.

There's also a whole article about it here

I can't see that.

ilove you

how do you download

click it


if you,ve bought the game from this site how do u download the full version

Use with the email that you used to buy the game.

im new so....i dont know

if you,ve bought the game from this site how do u download the full version

Help ;-;

I can't play in coop. 1 Bob is trying to get controled by both of us. I've tried both with one and two controllers. I've tried the regular methods (with one conroller: holding both mouse buttons and bothtriggers AND with two controllers: I've tryed both pressing/holding A) and even holding both triggers on both controllers.

Hell i even tryed with all 3 at he same time...


and if one controller

Hold both mouse buttons and both controller triggers while in game.




Press A on both controllers

Is there any demo of this game where i can test fps and graphics?


how to play on the two on one computer


1 controller or 2?


Will this game have a steam workshop?

Still not sure, but I'd like to add a possibility to play custom levels done in Unity in the long run.

Deleted 3 years ago

I need help i saw an German Youtuber who played Human Fall Flat german
How I do it German?
And the Achievements don't work

I am German sorry for my bad English

You change game language in Steam settings for a game. Does your progress get saved to Steam Cloud?

I changed the Language in Steam settings and No my progress doesn't get saved to Steam cloud


Some players had the problem of achievements and progress - essentially the game is not communicating with the steam services. This seems to happen to other games too. Check this Fallout thread for possible solutions and post back if you got it working:

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